Attention: those who are constantly harassed by cults!

24 Apocalyptic truths
people get dubbed into
joining cults for not knowing.

(Number 1, 4 and 10 will blow your mind!)

From the pastor of the most hardcore underground Christian church in communnist Vietnam,
who finished translating the Vietnamese Majority Text Bible on his 30th birthday,
and became the youngest Bible translator in the history of mankind.

With this free Prophecy Encyclopedia, you will receive instructions regarding:

All of the essential Apocalyptic truths decoded, including the prophecy about the imminent decree forbidding buying and selling, called “the Mark of the Beast” in Revelation, the last book of the Bible, chapter 13, verse 17.

– How to build a self-sustaining farm to withstand the coming crisis right before the End of the World, when you can no longer buy or sell, so you and your family won’t starve to death on the street.

– How to push your income past $10.000/MONTH to build up some cash to buy land and build the above-mentioned farm.

Where shall I send your FREE Prophecy Encyclopedia?


– Sir, I have finished reading the 24 lessons in this Prophecy Encyclopedia.

My true feeling about this Encyclopedia: this is not just the truth, but the truth of truths.

I and so many other brothers had to pay the price just to possess these absolute truths as you are teaching here, not just for me but also for everybody.

I am so grateful to you and the church for guiding me here, so that I can see everything.

– The Lord was the One behind orchestrating. Let Him receive all the glory.

– The last lessons are quite heavy. Is there anything you have a hard time understanding? Remember to ask me 🙂

– Yes, I have just finished studying the 24 lessons of PE, feeling the great blood and sweat you have poured into compiling this PE.

Every single lesson is presented so logical, so plain, so grounded in Scriptures, that to my current awareness, the doctrinal pillars you summed up in this Encyclopedia are highly convincing and very useful to a new believer such as myself, whose understanding is still so novice.

–  At first I thought you were bluffing, didn’t expect that you would be this passionate.

I’m sorry

But at first I really thought so

– At least now you understand why this craft earns such a ridiculous amount of money right?

– Yes.